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It’s the holiday season again and that means holiday baking. Even though Candice admits readily baking is not her favorite thing to do she put together a recipe for a picture perfect Vegan Pecan Pie so you can celebrate Thanksgiving in true vegan style.


Make Vegan Pie Crust:


Buy Brown Rice Syrup:

To create this vegan delight you will start off by selecting your pastry for the crust. You can make it yourself, or take the easy way out and just buy it from the store. Candice got hers from the store and noted that you should be sure to check the ingredients as many of them are accidentally vegan. You can also optionally use Candice’s homemade pie crust recipe which you can find a link for right here:

Moving right along to the recipe add 2 tbsp of flax seed into a mixer with 6 tbsp of water. Mix this well. The flax is a key component in binding all of the ingredients together. Next, melt an entire stick of vegan butter into a saucepan. Once melted add in coconut sugar, or brown sugar if that’s your preference. Candice always leans towards the coconut sugar as she finds it to be a better overall flavoring agent and it is slightly healthier. Turn the heat down and then whisk that all together well. You do not want this to burn.

The traditional recipe for Pecan Pie uses corn syrup, which is something you really want to avoid if at all possible. Instead, Candice has opted for brown rice syrup, so add that in as well. After that you will want to add in saltines. The saltines are critical to the success of your recipe so don’t even consider skipping them. Also add in some vanilla and fresh orange zest. Now take that off the heat and mix it all together well then add it into the mixing bowl where you have you flax. Now, mix all of that together with your mixer. Yes, there is an awful lot of mixing going on here. Welcome to the world of pie making.

Now take your pie plate with the crust already in it and load it up with pecans. Cover your pecans with the mixture you created. You may not need to use it all, it really all depends on the size of your pie shell. Candice’s pie shells were a bit on the smaller side so she only needed to use about half of her syrup mixture.

Put this on a baking sheet and put it in the oven for 50 minutes at 350′. At this point Candice also recommends praying as she has had some questionable baking experiences and would hate to see the same fate befall you. Fortunately for Candice she made 2 of these at once, one of them overflowed and came out looking a bit odd. The other one however was perfect and just as delicious as expected. Take a note from Candice’s experience and be sure not to put too much of your syrup mixture over your pecans. Keep it nice and even.

Now that you are armed with an excellent Vegan Pecan Pie recipe you should be able to face the holidays with intense fervor knowing that thanks to Candice your pie will certainly steal the show.

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